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Discover Valparaíso's oldest neighborhood and the historical birthplace of the port city. Start with us at Plaza Sotomayor to learn about its architecture and the stories that shaped this plaza built over the sea during the 19th century.

Then, we will enter the Barrio Puerto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the cradle of Valparaíso. Here, you will experience traditional port life with its local commerce, bars, and "picás porteñas" (small, typical restaurants). You will also see the renovated Mercado Puerto, learn about the colorful and artistic murals and graffiti of Valparaíso's street art.

We will take elevators to Cerro Alegre and Cerro Cordillera to enjoy unique views of the colorful houses and the bay. We will end the tour at Mercado Puerto, where you can enjoy a meal at one of the many popular restaurants in Valparaíso's Barrio Puerto (This part is optional).

Recommended tip per person: $10.000 CLP – USD $ 12 – EURO € 12 and the limit is the sky!

Note: It’s a walking tour. The tour will be cancelled due to rain or special events in Plaza Sotomayor.

Highlights of the Free Tour Valparaíso

  • Sotomayor square
  • Muelle Prat*
  • Galería de arte La Escala*
  • Barrio Financiero
  • Ascensor Concepción* (1883)
  • Cerro Concepción
  • Paseo Gervasoni
  • Cerro Alegre
  • Galería de arte Rojo*
  • Ascensor El Peral* (1901)
  • Plaza de la Justicia
  • Ascensor San Agustín* (1913)
  • Cerro Cordillera
  • Fuerte Castillo San José (1692)
  • Ascensor Cordillera* (1886)
  • Escalera Cienfuegos
  • Barrio Puerto
  • Plaza Echaurren
  • Bar Liberty* (1897)
  • Mercado Puerto (1924)
Tourist attraction may be closed or limited


Why Choose Our Free Walking Tour of Valparaíso?

  • Port District, Alegre, Concepción, and Cordillera Hills We are the only free walking tour that has been continuously running to the founding area of Valparaíso since 2013. We live in the area and have a great team of local guides.
  • Funiculars in Valparaíso We use 4 heritage elevators, including the oldest in Chile, which give you a unique perspective of the most historic neighborhoods of Valparaíso.
  • Tourist attractions in Valparaíso We visit the most popular tourist attractions, as well as less visited places that have great historical importance. We know how to recognize the contrasts of our port city.
  • Viewpoints in ValparaísoWe end our tour at one of the best viewpoints in the city, where you can enjoy stunning views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaíso and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sustainability We recommend sustainable businesses and activities throughout the tour.  

Condiciones del Free Tour por Valparaíso

  • This tour is free and does not require reservation.
  • Passengers should wear appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes for the walking tour, and be aware of weather conditions before the tour.
  • Passengers must inform the guide of any medical or pre-existing conditions they have, as well as any physical or visual difficulties.
  • The meeting point is at 12:00PM. Guides will be present starting at 11:50 AM to note the arrival of passengers. The tour starts at 12:10 PM and will last a maximum of 3 hours.
  • The tour does not have insurance, so the company is not responsible for any accident or loss that may occur during the tour. However, in case an incident occurs, the company will provide assistance and guidance to passengers.
  • This tour does not include public transportation tickets, meals, or extras.
  • Travelers may withdraw at any time by notifying the guide.
  • Passengers must pay attention to the safety instructions that the guide(s) will give them at the introduction of this tour.
  • There are no cancellation policy because this is a free tour.
  • Guided tour passengers are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution or "tips" of at least the minimum amount indicated in the description.
  • With nothing else to add, thank you for your preference and enjoy the tour.


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