cuidado del agua

Good use of water in our office using water savers and reducing its consumption.


We recycle glass and organic waste.

Energia Renovable

We reduce energy consumption through the use of LED bulbs and decrease the use of electronic devices.


We encourage the use of reusable bottles and containers.

Papelera De Reciclaje

We encourage the recycling of plastic containers by tourists in the containers set up in the city.

bus electrico

We prioritize the use of public transport, especially electric, for the mobility of our passengers.

Comunidad y Economía


We work and develop tourism from the respect and enhancement of the neighborhoods with their communities.


We develop community tourism as an alternative for economic and social development in neighborhoods that wish to open up to this industry in the most appropriate way to preserve local values ​​and attractions.


We support and participate in the development of free cultural activities open to the local community in order to enhance the human and material heritage of the destination.

comercio local

We promote local commerce, including them in our tourist routes, motivating travelers to prefer this type of business and thus contribute to the local economy of the destination.

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